Advantages Of Using Activated Carbon Filters In Homes

Advantages Of Using Activated Carbon Filters In Homes - Carbon Bulk Sales

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Using-Activated-Carbon-FiltersIf you’re searching for an air purification system for your living space, you need to know what constitutes a great air purification system. With a host of air purifiers available in the market, choosing an activated carbon filter will greatly improve your home’s overall air quality.

An Activated Carbon Filter: What Is It?

Activated carbon filters are powdered granules of carbon that are so cavernous that a single gram of activated carbon has a surface area of 500 m2 or more. Their large surface area allows these carbon filters to remove up to 99 percent of impurities in the air. There are a great number of benefits that come with using activated carbon filters.

  • These purifiers help you get rid of harmful contaminants or allergens, minimizing potential health hazards
  • They rid the air of unpleasant odors. When these filters combine with HEPA filters, they can easily capture 99.97% impurities, including particles 0.3 microns or larger.
  • These are incredibly beneficial to patients who suffer various allergies or diagnosed with an illness, as a result of impure air.
  • If you’re a chain smoker or live with one, installing these carbon purifiers at home can help you attain remarkable benefits even to your respiratory health.

The Working of Activated Carbon Filters

Usually, these filters are available in thick or thin packets for air filtration. These are placed into the purifying device (either a typical air purifier or HEPA air filter). The filtration process starts when contaminated air enters the filter device, flows through the active carbon, undergoes adsorption, and finally leaves the air clean. A Hepa filter is considered even better for purification if joined with a carbon filter.

What Is The Difference Between Activated Carbon Filters and Activated Charcoal Granules?

Granular activated carbon or activated charcoal granules are used in the filtration/adsorption process to treat harmful organic compounds: taste, odor, and other synthetic organic chemicals in drinking water. The reason they are useful is that they are highly porous material: they provide a large surface to contaminants to get adsorbed.

Benefits Of Using Activated Charcoal Granules

The most common applications for granular activated charcoal are:

  • Remove water fungus from aquariums and ponds
  • Eliminate bad household odors
  • Help in the digestion of domestic birds from finches to parakeets to chicken to turkeys.

Above are all the excellent benefits to order granular activated charcoal. If this is your first time, place a single order, but if you’re already satisfied with usage, you can purchase granular activated charcoal in charcoal.

The Best Place to Buy Activated Charcoal Granules

Carbon Bulk Sales provides a room for every buyer who is interested in purchasing activated carbon for air, liquid, and vapor filtration. The collection involves products both for water treatment and air improvement. The best part is you get your activated charcoal bulk delivered in a day or so.

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