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    YSI ProQuatro Multiparameter Meter with Sensors & Cable

    YSI ProQuatro Multiparameter Meter with Sensors & Cable

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    Complete set with ProQuatro Handheld, 4-Port Cable, DO, pH, ORP, Conductivity, Temperature Sensors included in cost. 

    Custom Cable and Sensor Configurations Available 

    The ProQuatro handheld multiparameter meter measures a variety of combinations of dissolved oxygen, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, resistivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, ORP, and temperature. 

    The ProQuatro was designed with the 4-port Quatro cable in mind. Combine 4 sensors on a single cable for comprehensive multiparameter sampling to measure temperature/conductivity, DO, and any two ISEs among pH, ORP. Pairing the ProQuatro with the 4-port cable creates an extremely powerful handheld multiparameter water quality instrument.


    The ProQuatro meter meets the demands of true field work. Made from ultra-rugged components to withstand harsh field conditions, the instrument is rated to IP-67 standards even without the battery cover on. Other tough features include a 3-year warranty, Mil-spec connectors, rubber over-molded case, scratch-resistant lens, and a 2-year cable warranty. In-house testing procedures also include 1-meter drop tests from all angles to ensure expected field-durability.

    Tough, Field Durability Features Include:

    • Rubber, over-molded IP-67 waterproof case (even without the battery cover)*
    • Drop-tested 1 meter at all angles*
    • 3-year instrument warranty
    • 2-year cable warranty*
    • Rugged cables, sensors, and military-spec connectors*
    • Weighted, user-replaceable multi-sensor design
    • Easy-to-install cable weights; can be daisy-chained for additional weight*
    • Scratch-resistant lens; viewable even with polarized glasses
    • Ergonomic design is easy to hold with one hand
    • Instrument floats


    With the addition of the On-The-Go USB port, ProQuatro is one of the smartest instruments in the Professional Series. Simply connect a flash drive and upload data directly in the lab or the field. Numerous benefits include the following features; 5,000 data-set memory, backlit display, glow-in-the-dark keypad, graphic display with intuitive interface, re-cal prompts, user defined fields, detailed GLP, auto stable, Hold All Readings function, USB connection, auto-buffer recognition, and Data IDs for logging data.

    Smart Features Include:

    • 5,000 data set memory
    • Intuitive interface
    • Interval or single-event logging
    • 50 Data IDs*
    • Detailed GLP data
    • On-The-Go USB port for simple data management
    • USB connection also powers the instrument
    • 6-point cal with auto-buffer recognition*
    • User-adjustable auto-stable with prompts*
    • User-upgradeable software via waterproof USB port
    • Recalibration prompts
    • Search function filters user-defined data information*
    • Backlit display
    • Glow-in-the-dark keypad
    • Cable management kit included with all cables from 4- to 30-meters*

    Most Versatile

    ProQuatro is easily customized to be the ideal choice for low-cost water quality sampling. Connect the ProQuatro handheld to any Professional Series cable and probe option for parameter options including dissolved oxygen, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, resistivity, total dissolved solids, pH, ORP, and temperature.

    Cable options range from 1-, 4-, 10-, 20-, and 30-meter choices (up to 100-meters on DO only cables) and the convenient cable management kit to keep everything simple and organized. Use lab or field probes and switch between the two quickly. The ProQuatro makes an ideal lab BOD instrument with the proven self-stirring BOD probe (EPA Approved).

    A convenient handstrap can be used on either side of the instrument. A complete family of accessories also increase the versatility of the ProQuatro and help get the job done right. Choose among accessories including carrying cases, flow cells, cable weights, belt clip, tripod, and c-clamp.

    Added Versatility Features Include:

    • Multiple parameter options and cable lengths
    • Multiple user-replaceable sensor options and a choice of DO sensors*
    • Lab-grade ISE sensors and BOD probe available to make a true lab/field instrument
    • Adjustable right- or left-handed hand strap*
    • Languages - English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
    • Wide array of accessories are available from flow cells, to shoulder straps, to carrying cases


    When purchasing the ProQuatro you will receive the instrument, manual, batteries, USB cable, and USB flash drive. 

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