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RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro CO Single Gas Personal Monitors for Carbon Monoxide (PGM-1860)

RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro CO Single Gas Personal Monitors for Carbon Monoxide (PGM-1860)

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The ToxiRAE Pro is a wireless personal monitor for toxic gases and oxygen deficiency/enrichment. Boasting a selection of over 20 intelligent interchangeable sensors, the ToxiRAE Pro can detect a broad range of gases – from carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen to ammonia, and chlorine. The ToxiRAE Pro’s plug-and-play intelligent sensors store calibration data, so if you need to monitor one gas one day and another gas the next, swapping the sensors in your ToxiRAE Pro is all it takes.



G02-B210-100 - CO up to 500 ppm reading, Non-Wireless
G02-B214-100 - CO up to 500 ppm reading, Wireless 900MHz


ToxiRAE Pro CO comes with:

  • ToxiRAE Pro CO monitor with sensor and wireless option as specified, rechargeable battery, alligator clip, and protective rubber boot installed
  • Charging and PC communication cradle
  • PC communication cable AC adapter (100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz AC to 12 V DC)
  • Calibration adapter Quick Start Guide CD with documentation
  • CD with ProRAE Studio II Instrument Configuration and data management software
  • Calibration and test certificate
  • Warranty/registration card

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