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(Rental Fleet Unit Used) Solinst 3001 LT Levelogger Edge, M10

(Rental Fleet Unit Used) Solinst 3001 LT Levelogger Edge, M10

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This used units are being sold in "AS IS" condition. These units are from our rental fleet. They have been well maintained and are ready to use for your field projects. 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns accepted on these meters. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to speak with one of our reps by calling: (949) 748-8055


The Levelogger Edge records highly accurate groundwater and surface water level and temperature measurements. It combines a pressure sensor, temperature detector, 10-year lithium battery, and datalogger, sealed within a 7/8" x 6.25" (22 mm x 159 mm) stainless steel housing with Titanium based PVD coating. The Levelogger Edge measures absolute pressure using a Hastelloy pressure sensor, offering excellent durability and reliability. Combined with the Titanium-based PVD coating, both elements have high corrosion resistance in harsh environments, allowing stable readings in extreme pressure and temperature conditions. The Hastelloy sensor can withstand 2 times over-pressure without permanent damage. The Levelogger Edge features a wide temperature-compensated pressure range (0 to 50oC, -10 to 50oC for Barologger Edge), and rapid thermal response time. The Levelogger Edge has a high resolution and an accuracy of 0.05% FS. The convenient Barologger Edge provides the easiest and most accurate method of barometric compensation. 

• Aquifer characterization: pumping tests, slug tests, etc. 
• Watershed, drainage basin, and recharge monitoring 
• Stream gauging, lake and reservoir management 
• Harbor and tidal fluctuation measurement 
• Wetlands and stormwater run-off monitoring 
• Water supply and tank level measurement 
• Mine water and landfill leachate management 
• Long-term water level monitoring in wells, surface water bodies, and seawater environments

• 0.05% FS Accuracy
• Corrosion resistant Titanium based PVD coating
• Robust Hastelloy pressure sensor
• Accurate temperature compensation
• Memory for up to 120,000 readings
• Basic and advanced data compensation options

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