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Solinst Model 107 Temperature Level & Conductivity Meter Series (100 to 1000 feet)

Solinst Model 107 Temperature Level & Conductivity Meter Series (100 to 1000 feet)

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The Solinst Model 107 TLC Meter is used to profile conductivity and to measure the temperature of bodies of waters, small and large- even within wells for salt-water intrusion studies, and a general indication of contamination levels. The 3/4" (19 mm) diameter probe is attached to SOLINST PVDF flat tape; accurately laser marked every 1/100 ft or each millimeter. Lengths up to 1000 ft or 300 m, mounted on a Solinst reel. 

The TLC Meter uses a ‘smart’ conductivity sensor with platinum electrodes to measure conductivity. The conductivity is displayed on the rotating screen along with the associated temperature measurement. The ‘smart probe’ displays conductivity that has been standardized to 25°C, i.e. Specific Conductance (displayed as EC). The conductance temperature coefficient is 2.0% per °C. Calibration is simple, using 1413 µS, 5000 µS, 12,880 µS, and/or 80,000 µS solutions for 1, 2, 3, or 4 point manual conductivity calibrations.


  • Accuracy is to the greater of 100 uS or 5% of reading
  • LCD simultaneously displays temperature & conductivity
  • Built with rugged Solinst reel and accurate flat-tape marked every 1/100' or each mm
  • Tape lengths to 1000 ft (300 m)
  • Probe diameter 3/4" (19 mm)
  • Rugged Solinst reel and accurate PVDF laser marked tape 
  • Display that rotates for easy reading
  • Standard 9V alkaline battery gives 90 hrs. of use
  • Auto-Off after 8 minutes


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