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Solinst Model 3001 Levelogger 5 LTC Datalogger (15 to 600 feet)

Solinst Model 3001 Levelogger 5 LTC Datalogger (15 to 600 feet)

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Level, Temperature, Conductivity

The Levelogger® 5 LTC logs water level, temperature, and conductivity. It combines a datalogger, 8-year battery, Hastelloy® pressure sensor, temperature detector, and conductivity sensor within a small waterproof housing, 22 mm x 208 mm (7/8" x 8.2"). A baked-on coating using polymerization technology protects the body against corrosion, abrasion and high temperatures. The conductivity sensor is a 4-electrode platinum sensor, with autoranging capabilities. The minimal-maintenance, sealed Levelogger 5 LTC is simple to clean and calibrate, even in the field.

Upgraded Features

  • Increased memory: 100,000 sets of data
  • More stable communication: single-eye optical, easy to clean, more scratch resistant
  • Stronger, robust design: double o-ring seals for two times over pressurization rating
  • Better thermistor and conductivity sensitivity: upgraded platinum RTD and conductivity sensor
  • Superior protection in harsh conditions: baked-on coating using polymerization—inside and out


Level Sensor: Piezoresistive Silicon with Hastelloy Sensor
Ranges: 5, 10, 20, 30, 100, and 200 m
Accuracy: ±0.05% FS
Resolution: 0.001% FS to 0.0006% FS
Units of Measure: cm, m, ft, psi, kPa, bar (ºC, ºF)
Normalization: Automatic Temperature Compensation
Temp Compensation Range: 0ºC to 50ºC
Temperature Sensor: Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)
Accuracy: ±0.05ºC
Resolution: 0.003ºC
Conductivity Sensor: 4-Electrode Platinum
Full Range: 0 to 100,000 μS/cm
Calibrated Range: 50 to 80,000 μS/cm
Accuracy: ±1%: 5,000 µS/cm – 80,000 µS/cm; greater of ±2% or 15 µS/cm: 50 µS/cm –5,000 µS/cm
Resolution: ±0.1 μS/cm
Temp Compensation Range: 0ºC to 50ºC
Normalization: Specific Conductance @ 25˚C
Battery Life: 8 Years (1 reading every 5 minutes)
Clock Accuracy: ±1 minute/year (-20ºC to 80ºC)
Operating Temperature: -20ºC to 80ºC
Maximum Readings: 100,000 sets of readings
Memory: Slate or Continuous
Communication: Optical high-speed: 57,600 bps with USB
Size: 22 mm x 208 mm (7/8" x 8.2")
Weight: 197 grams (6.95 oz)
Corrosion Resistance: Baked-on coating using polymerization
Wetted Materials: Platinum, Delrin®, Viton®, 316L Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Regulator approved PFAS-free PTFE (inside and out)
Sampling Mode: Linear, Event & User-Selectable with Repeat Mode, Future Start, Future Stop, Real-Time View
Measurement Rates: 2 seconds to 99 hours
Barometric Compensation: Software Wizard and Barologger 5


LTC Models Full Scale (FS) Accuracy Resolution
M5, C80 5 m (16.4 ft.) ± 0.3 cm (0.010 ft.) 0.001% FS
M10, C80 10 m (32.8 ft.) ± 0.5 cm (0.016 ft.) 0.0006% FS
M20, C80 20 m (65.6 ft.) ± 1 cm (0.032 ft.) 0.0006% FS
M30, C80 30 m (98.4 ft.) ± 1.5 cm (0.064 ft.) 0.0006% FS
M100, C80 100 m (328.1 ft.) ± 5 cm (0.164 ft.) 0.0006% FS
M200, C80 200 m (656.2 ft.) ± 10 cm (0.328 ft.) 0.0006% FS


User-Friendly Operation

Software Calibration and Data Wizards guide you through conductivity calibration and barometric compensation, ensuring accurate data sets. The Data Wizard also converts conductivity readings to Specific Conductance (@ 25ºC).

Levelogger Software allows you to easily program your preferences, download data, and display data in a graph or table format or export to other programs. The Real Time View option allows immediate viewing of live conductivity, water level and temperature readings.

Leveloggers are easy to deploy; install with direct read cables or wireline/cord suspension. The Levelogger 5 LTC is SDI-12 compatible using the Solinst SDI-12 Interface Cable.

Download data in the field using the new Field Reader 5, DataGrabber 5 USB data transfer device, or through Bluetooth® using the Levelogger 5 App Interface and your smart device. Integrate the Levelogger 5 LTC with Solinst Telemetry Systems, which use the latest wireless technologies.

Levelogger 5 LTC Applications

  • Salt water intrusion and soil salination monitoring
  • Plume remediation monitoring and studies
  • Leachate monitoring at landfills, mine tailings, waste disposal storage sites, and more
  • Agricultural and stormwater runoff monitoring
  • Create a historical database for potable water supply monitoring
  • Tracer tests
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