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Solinst Model 410 Peristaltic Pump

Solinst Model 410 Peristaltic Pump

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The mechanical peristaltic operation uses rotating rollers to depress the silicon tubing, creating a vacuum, which displaces any fluid or gas in the chosen direction. It is effective to depths up to the suction lift limit, which varies with elevation, and can be as much as 33 ft or 10 m at sea level.


A 12 ft. (4 m) power cord uses alligator clips to allow easy connection to almost any 12 volt DC power source that can supply at least 3-5 amps at maximum draw (such as auto, marine or small gel cell battery). The pump may be connected directly to your vehicle battery. The variable speed motor is reversible, has an easily replaced fuse and has reverse polarity protection to prevent damage to the pump.



The standard pump tubing is 5/8” OD (16 mm) medical grade silicon, which attaches easily to 1/2” OD (13 mm) down-hole tubing. An optional conversion kit, which allows the use of 3/8” OD (10 mm) tubing, is available to allow lower sampling rates.

This tubing attaches easily to 1/4” OD (6 mm) down-hole tubing. To provide high sample integrity, the sample comes in contact only with the tubing, which is easy to clean or replace. Replacing the tubing between locations avoids the possibility of cross-contamination.

To reduce lengthy decontamination procedures, simply dedicate the inexpensive down-hole tubing.



The Model 410 Peristaltic Pump has variable pumping rates and can be fitted with 2 different sizes of silicon pump-head tubing. With the standard 5/8” OD (16 mm) tubing it delivers from 120 ml/min to almost 3.5 L/min.

The optional 3/8” OD (10 mm) tubing adaptor kit allows a sample rate as low as 40 ml/min and up to 900 ml/min. This low rate is ideal for low-flow sampling and the filling of small sample bottles.

The Peristaltic Pump’s reverse action is ideal for back flushing when using the Solinst Drive-Point Profiler (Model 660).



  • Groundwater sampling from shallow wells
  • Surface water sampling
  • Vapor sampling
  • Back flushing Solinst Drive-Point Profilers
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