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Use for Water ManagementThere are several tools and technologies of the trades used by water professionals to help serve their clients effectively and efficiently. With the treatment of both wastewater and groundwater becoming increasingly important, water professionals play an important role in elevating our quality of life and in making our lives easier. Due to hygiene and sanitation being driving factors for preventing diseases and promoting well-being, not just water professionals, even you can take a proactive approach in countering issues related to water management, be it the filtration process or be it the extraction of water from groundwater sources.

Rather than being dependent on others, you can easily familiarize yourself with the tools necessary for managing your water issues, as it’s a more convenient, affordable, and efficient process. Follow through to understand the range of tools utilized for tackling water issues at ground zero:

  • Multi-Parameter Water Meter

This is basically a waterproof portable meter that monitors at least 12 parameters. With its multi-sensor probe, you can measure the pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity, barometric pressure, ORP, and various other elements. With laboratory accuracy brought at your fingertips, you can measure the quality of water you use, as its flexible enough to check the quality of any given water sample, be it seawater, urban drainage, or aquatic culture tanks. Through detailed on-screen assistance, you can understand the quality of a water system.

  • Bulk Activated Carbon

In this day and age, having access to clean water and air is highly essential. By buying bulk activated carbon, you can use this to purify your water of all contaminants, pesticides, herbicides, VCOs, or other toxic elements. Be it groundwater that you’re looking to filter, an activated carbon filter can be highly effective in making it safe enough to drink and use for your daily needs. Using coconut shell based activated carbon is particularly useful, as its tight structure, helps in cleaning the water in a comparatively effective manner.  

  • Bailer

A bailer is essentially a hollow tube utilized for retrieving groundwater samples from monitoring wells. Whether you’re a water professional or a lay-man, using a bailer is easy and rather convenient, with the added benefit of them being disposable. Due to being disposable, they eliminate the problems associated with decontamination and common storage. As no metal comes in touch with the sample, the integrity of the sample is maintained.

  • Global Water Flow Meter

This meter is ideal for measuring flows in canals, streams, rivers, wastewater, and storm water. It is an excellent water velocity instrument and consists of a protected water turbo prop sensor, an expandable global water flow probe, with a digital readout display for understanding and analyzing the information.

Urban water-management has risen to the forefront, with water professionals taking up holistic initiatives to optimize and rethink the consumption of water. As a consequence of several countries and major cities of the world experiencing water scarcity and numerous countries dealing with challenging diseases, water management has become consequential. The focus has shifted to wastewater treatment, effective water filtration, and to adopting ecologically-viable avenues for creating water services that are provided to all and are beneficial for all.

If you’re not in a position of buying these water management tools, you can also rent out these tools, as with their charges being rather affordable, gaining access to them becomes easy. Other than water tools, such as perhaps a calcium ion meter, if you need filtration products for improving your air quality, you can opt to use products that are critical for maintaining an optimal level of air quality, as pollutants, allergens, contaminants, and dust are removed.       

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