Solinst Water Level Meters, Pumps, Parts & Accessories

Carbon Bulk Sales is a leading distributor of all Solinst products. We carry everything from Solinst water level meters, data loggers, parts, and accessories. If you do not see a Solinst product you are interested in, simply contact us for more information.

We stock most water level meters with tape lengths ranging from 100FT-1000FT. Larger lengths can be ordered and shipped directly to you.

Some of the water level meters we stock:

  • Solinst 101 P7 Water Level Meter
  • Solinst 101 P2 Water Level Meter
  • Solinst 102 P10 Water Level Meter
  • Solinst 102 P4 Water Level Meter
  • Solinst 103 Tag Line
  • Solinst 101D Drawdown
  • Solinst 105 Well Casing Meter
  • Solinst 107 Level Temperature and Conductivity Meter
  • and many more.