Amazing Uses Of Coconut Shell Charcoal

Amazing Uses Of Coconut Shell Charcoal - Carbon Bulk Sales

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Coconut-Shell-CharcoalCoconut shell is a clean and most preferred source of activated charcoal.  While activated charcoal can be obtained from several sources like wood, coal and other substances, coconut shell activated charcoal is superior. People buy activated charcoal obtained from coconut shell as it is designed to be ingested as well as used in blood filtration like a kidney dialysis system.

Coconut shell activated charcoal is made by burning the shell at very high heat and then activating the charcoal at very high temperatures in the furnace, thereby creating tiny pores on the surface. Mostly this activated charcoal is used in water filtration systems and if taken orally, can bind the harmful chemicals and toxins and take them out of the body. The primary uses include body detoxification, alleviation of gas or bloating and reducing body odor.

There are numerous uses for which people buy activated charcoal. Let us take some time to discuss these amazing uses in detail.

  • Kidney Health

The most prominent use of coconut shell activated charcoal is to assist the kidney functions by filtering out harmful drugs and undigested toxins. Studies suggest that using activated carbon made out of coconut shell helps improve kidney functions as well as removing gastro issues and inflammation in those with chronic kidney diseases. Most people who have kidney problems are recommended to buy activated charcoal as it will help in blood filtration as well as improvement of kidney functions. 

  • Detoxifying Agent

Coconut shell activated charcoal is used all over the world as a safe and effective detoxifying agent. However, it is recommended to do not use the charcoal directly to treat any accidental ingestion of toxins unless prescribed by a physician. Using the chemical process of absorption, activated charcoal works well in promoting detoxification of the body. Absorption is the process where positively charged gases and substances bind to negatively charged porous activated charcoal. Using the process, harmful toxins are removed from the body through waste and leaves the body refreshed and active.

  • Food Industry

Due to the high heating capacity of coconut shell, people usually buy activated charcoal to use in barbecue instead of regular coal. Most food industries and home users are using coconut shell activated carbon as an alternative because it smells nice too.

  • Digestive Aid

Another common use of coconut shell activated carbon is the aid against bloating, intestinal gases and flatulence. The application uses the benefit of binding features of activated charcoal to capture gas molecules in its pores. You can buy activated charcoal combined with alpha-galactosidase, which is a digestive enzyme for bloating and gasses and ginger extracts to ease intestinal problems.

  • Charcoal Soaps & Teeth Whiteners

Due to amazing moisturizing and purification capabilities, coconut shell activated charcoal is also used in making charcoal soaps. These soaps and related products are good for skin health and are suitable for every skin type. You can buy activated charcoal products easily from any retail store or supermarket in your vicinity.

Similarly, charcoal teeth whiteners are also available in the market with amazing results. Those having yellow or dark teeth can use the charcoal-based teeth whiteners to brush their teeth and get instant results. 

  • Water Filtration

Coconut shell activated charcoal is a common ingredient used in water filters as a natural purifier. Just as it does with detoxifying intestinal gases and toxins, the same procedure is applied in the water filtration process. The binding capabilities of activated charcoal can absorb toxins, bacteria, viruses, fungus and chemicals present in the water. In a commercial setting, waste management centers use granules of activated charcoal as a part of the filtration process. You can buy activated charcoal water filters for both commercial and residential use to clear the water of toxins and impurities.

  • As a Deodorant

Various deodorants made from coconut shell activated charcoal are available in the market. Activated charcoal has the ability to absorb smells and other odors, making it perfect use for underarm, shoe and refrigerator deodorant. Activated charcoal is also said to be able to absorb excess humidity and moisture to control it on micro-levels.

  • For Skin Infections

Many different skin experts and cure practitioners have started using coconut shell activated charcoal for treating different skin infections. At the same time, it is also used in certain beauty products as a skin freshener. Powder made from coconut shell helps to treat soft tissues on skin and battling infections. It has several antibacterial effects that absorb harmful microbes from wounds, pimples or dead skin cells. Commercially you can buy activated charcoal beauty products that leave a soft and mild feel on your skin.

Risks of Activated Charcoals

So far, no identification of any side effects or health concerns using activated charcoals has been reported. However, before using activated charcoal for any treatment purpose, be sure to consult your physician if you have any other internal issue present.

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