Laser Engraving Filtration With 4x8 Carbon

Laser Engraving Filtration With 4x8 Carbon - Carbon Bulk Sales

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Why use laser engraving?

There are a lot of ways one may use to engrave materials. However, lasers have developed to become the most cost-effective, efficient, and reliable process on the market. Laser engraving delivers exceptional results with much higher quality than most of its conventional counterparts; it isn’t surprising that it has quickly become a staple component of many firms around the globe. Laser engraving is used for a number of reasons:

1. Can be used on many materials: One of the advantages of laser engraving is that it’s capable of working with a variety of different materials, including glass, plastic, ceramic, and metal. This is crucial as a large number of industries make use of more than one material in manufacturing.
2. Can work at an array of depths: In contrast to laser marking, the purpose here is to eliminate a portion of the material being worked with. As laser systems offer plenty of control, an array of depths can be accomplished to suit the user.
3. Non-contact method: This is another huge benefit of laser engraving. The non-contact method means that the laser beam does not physically touch the materials that it is being applied to; instead, it relies on heat to accomplish the desired results.
4. Highly efficient: Laser engraving is a highly efficient process, easily switching between materials and a range of depths, providing its users with multiple end-results. It’s equally efficient in terms of maintenance costs and service life, which are usually much lower than those provided by more conventional methods.
5. Environmentally friendly: Engraving with lasers is far more environmentally-friendly than the majority of its predecessors. It doesn’t leave much waste behind since most of it is vaporized. In contrast to other processes that leave harmful waste, laser engraving hardly leaves anything behind.
6. Safe process: The focus is on safety too, both for the consumers and the workers. By replacing conventional methods that usually use harmful chemicals, it prevents workers having to operate in conditions such as these.
7. Focuses quality: While businesses must look for efficient processes, quality must be focused too. Finding methods that deliver the results with utmost efficiency can be tough, but laser engraving does more than just accomplishing this aim.

Laser Engraving Filtration With 4x8 Carbon

Often, laser engravers and cutters call us about unbearable odors that laser cutting machines emit during cutting. They make use of a CO2 laser beam to cut a variety of materials like marble, plastic, acrylic, wood amongst others. While the smell is a well-known issue in this industry, the solution isn’t quite difficult. Unluckily, the replacement filters that the engraving and cutting machine manufacturer offers are costly. This, however, is not true. With some know-how, you can develop a similar filter for far less money.

To remove the odors from cutting, the use of activated carbon filters is very cost-effective. Purchasing a higher quality, refillable carbon filter from leading manufacturers will save you time and money in the long run because it lasts much longer and doesn’t require change-outs as frequently. At Carbon Bulk Sales, we suggest you use a 4x8 granular coconut shell activated carbon (GC 4x8S) or a 4-millimeter pellet (GC C-40). We’ve had a ton of repeated customers for these products.

GC C-40 Activated Carbon

It’s a virgin activated carbon. It is pelletized in form and is derived from bituminous coal. Its surface area and high activity make it ideal for the majority of the vapor phase applications. Its shape is quite uniform, making it attractive in applications that take into account low-pressure drop.

GC 4x8S

This granular activated carbon is perfect for the majority of the air purification purposes. It’s made from chosen grades of coconut shell and has a superior level of hardness, making it cleaner than the majority of other carbons with a longer life expectancy. This, when combined with its appreciable activity level, makes it fit for use in any sort of carbon system or filter.


The oxygen from the air is removed through wet activated carbon, causing a serious hazard to workers inside carbon vessels. Low oxygen/confined space procedures should be put in place before any entry is made. Such procedures need to comply with all the applicable state, local, and federal guidelines.


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