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AquaBailers QuickFilter - .45 Micron

AquaBailers QuickFilter - .45 Micron

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Every QuickFilter is packaged with a Bailer Interface Tube. When attached to the QuickFilter, it allows you to insert the filter directly into the bottom of a bailer. The snug fit ensures no leaks, and gravity forces the water through the filter and into your sample container. No more pressurized bailers, no more pumps, no more transfer vessels.

Sold per filter, 50 filters per case/box.

When you need to filter the metals within your water samples trust the QuickFilter. This .45 micron disposable ground water filter cartridge certifies the highest level of quality on the market with both independent lab analysis and the remarkable Clean Rinse procedure.

Its polyethersulfone membrane makes your dissolved metals testing process faster and more reliable! Aqua Bailers understands that quality is the essential ingredient to accuracy. So trust the only filter that can put such a promise of quality and excellence on every bag.


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