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En Novative

En Novative EasyDraw Syringe (Pack of 100)

En Novative EasyDraw Syringe (Pack of 100)

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The Most Versatile, Disposable Soil Sampling System Available For Field Preservation

A Simple Solution for soil sampling as described in EPA SW-846 Method 5035A and many other methods!

  • EasyDraw® Syringe is used with the PowerStop Handle
  • Ability to take 5, 10 & 13 gram soil samples with one handle
  • Adjustable settings to compensate for various soil types
  • Sturdy handle makes sampling easy in all soil types
  • EasyDraw Syringe doubles as a a dry weight sample container and collection tool
  • EasyDraw Syringes meet demanding performance & cleanliness standards
The EasyDraw is available in a case of 100 disposable syringes.
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