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12x40 Catalytic Carbon - Coconut Shell (aka Chloro-Killa)

12x40 Catalytic Carbon - Coconut Shell (aka Chloro-Killa)

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12x40 Coconut Shell Catalytic Carbon (aka Chloro-Killa) is specifically made to target Chloromines, Hydrogen Sulfides (egg smell), Hydrogen Peroxides, pesticides, detergents, taste and odor, ect in liquid phase applications. The particulate size is most comparable to the size of coffee grounds.

The Chloro-Killa Carbon Media is made to AWWA Standard B-600-74 standards, certified for ANSI/NSF Standard 61 and is Prop. 65 compliant for drinking water applications.


Mesh Size 12x40, Min. 90%
Less than No. 12 Max. 5%
Greater than No. 40 Max. 5%
Hardness Min. 98%
Surface Area 1050 m2/g
Iodine Number Min. 1050 mg/g
Ash Total Max. 3%
Moisture as Packed Max. 2%
g/cc 0.55 - 0.60
pH 8 - 10
MCA Removal Capacity Min. 145 mg/g
Catalytic Activity Min. 20º 


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