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    YSI Zobell Solution, ORP Calibrator

    YSI Zobell Solution, ORP Calibrator

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    YSI 3682 Zobell solution is used for calibrating ORP/Redox on several YSI instruments.

    The YSI Zobell Solution is a reference solution that is used to characterize redox potential cells. This product is packaged in dry form and must be reconstituted before use. Each amber bottle contains 75% Potassium Chloride, 14% Potassium Ferrocyanide Trihydrate, and 11% Potassium Ferricyanide by weight. 

    #061321, ZOBELL SOLUTION, 250 mL


    • A convenient temperature chart with corresponding ORP values is on the side of the container for simple calibration value inputs
    • Concentrated power makes 250mL of the calibration standard
    • Plastic bottle (250mL)

    To reconstitute the solution, add deionized or distilled water. The volume of water required depends on the part number purchased. Add 250 mL,  +/- 5 mL, which typically reaches just below the bottom of the bottle’s neck. The label should be marked to indicate the correct expiration date.

    The reconstituted solution has a maximum shelf life of 6 months. The shelf life of an unopened bottle is 5 years; it should be stored below 40°C.

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